Psychiatry, Psychology and Counsellors

Mental health is one of the areas in which the international community has the most difficulty in accessing appropriate care.

At Central Health we have cultivated a team of highly experienced psychiatric professionals to meet the mental health needs of the International and Western-educated Chinese communities. Our team includes a psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, behaviour therapists and counsellors. All team members work in tandem with our family doctors and other medical specialists to ensure comprehensive and continuous care, understanding that we cannot separate 'mental health' from physical health. Our goal is to ensure that rigorous diagnostics are performed, the right treatment prescribed, and the right specialists enlisted to carry out the care. Ultimately we want to help our patients achieve their optimal state and become their best selves.

Therapeutic approaches to the common problems we see are largely successful in a relatively short period of time. Most treatments are concluded between 3 and 6 months.

Our clinicians employ a number of evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Family Therapy, and others where indicated. Our clinicians are savvy in their understanding of cultural differences and what therapies will be best leveraged in the patient's best interest.

For Adult Mental Health Support please contact our Adult Mental Health Coordinator at:  

The Child Development Team also offers a range of services for children, teenagers, and their parents. To learn more about the CDT's range of services, please visit  

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