How It Works

Your Doctor

When you visit your doctor, he/she will examine you and discuss their findings. If your doctor is male and you would prefer a nurse to be present in the room during examination, please do not hesitate to ask.

Before you leave your consult, make sure that you fully understand the next steps to be taken and any follow up investigations or visits required. Do ask if you are unsure. If you have questions later, please email your doctor – full information is on this site.

If your doctor is on leave, there will be arrangements in place for cover and the results of any tests you may have had will be reviewed and you will be informed as normal.

In-Patient Care

Most doctors at our practices have admission rights to many of the private hospitals in Hong Kong.  If required, referrals to government hospitals can be arranged.

Medical Records

Our clinic holds your medical records in electronic and sometimes also paper form. These are secured and we take great measures to ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times.  You or your family’s records will not be released without a signed consent.

You will be able to have access to your records at any time during clinic hours. If you require a copy of your records, we will require 2-3 days to retrieve them.

A small fee may be required for this service to cover costs. 


We are able to send you a copy of specific test results on request, once you have completed and signed the appropriate consent form. Please ask our results team should you have any queries.