Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

After listening to the experiences of many of our patients having plastic surgery both in Hong Kong and abroad, it seemed that there were two types of cosmetic services readily available. There was the cheaper end of the market, sometimes linked to beauty parlours and surgeons who were paid a small fraction of what the clinic charged: there seemed to be huge variations in the qualifications and experience of those performing the procedure.

The other end of the spectrum were ‘celebrity plastic surgeons’ who were good, but extremely expensive. It seemed difficult to find a good cosmetic surgeon who understood the needs of local and expatriate patients and who charged reasonably and transparently with no hidden extras and most importantly, weren’t pushing their services.

We set out to level the field and believe that we have done this with the appointment of Dr Stephanie Lam.

As a patient, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the pricing system due to a lack of transparency. For example, some doctors refrain from giving their prices without a consultation because they wish to provide a personalised quote based on the specific patient’s requirements. Also, it can be particularly difficult to find out the total cost of a procedure in advance when performed in a hospital setting because the surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital fees are all estimated and quoted separately.

Our detailed price list ensures our patients are fully informed of prices in advance of any procedures. Should you wish a detailed quote, or further information about a specific procedure, please feel free to e-mail or speak to Dr Stephanie Lam –


Many of our procedures can be carried out within our specially designed procedure suite on the 5th floor of our Central clinic.

This room has been designed with the aim of maximizing efficiency with the newest, state of the art equipment, whilst maintaining an inviting atmosphere to enhance your comfort and privacy.